Write about your idea of a perfect day trailer

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Write about your idea of a perfect day trailer

In this guest post for TravellingTwo, Stijn de Klerk checks out the performance of the Brompton with the Radical Design series of trailers. I still need to drive a car for work but do most other things by bicycle. My trusty full-size bike is often used for local shopping trips, and I bought a Brompton folding bike so that I could use the bike in combination with the train more easily.

With these two bikes I had most transport and travelling requirements covered, except for the times when I needed to transport something big.

This was why I added the Radical Design Cyclone trailer was added to the stable. Hooking the trailer up behind the Brompton was obvious as both the trailer and the folding bike are portable. I then started thinking: Then, lo and behold, Radical announced the Chubby trailer: The moment of truth arrived when my cycling friends — Friedel, Andrew and Shane — conjured up the plan to take folding bikes out on a camping trip.

I picked it up a few days before the trip, so I had my chance to give it a test. Basic Chubby Touring Setup The total weight of a Brompton with a Chubby trailer and a bit of gear comes in at around 20 kilograms.

This is light enough to pass as regular check-in luggage with most airlines, and you can still carry the trailer complete with bike and gear inside by its shoulder strap over short distances.

write about your idea of a perfect day trailer

This video shows how it all works. Any other camping kit or other gear has to be carried in a day pack as carry-on or in a small duffle bag as additional check-in luggage. The whole trailer oozes quality and durability. BBurley trailers and Monoporter.

The overall robustness of the trailer shines through in the Chubby bag. Since the bag is there to protect the Brompton, it warrants the weight penalty of this heavy fabric to a large extent. The bag has a beefy, lockable YKK zipper and is reinforced in places where it matters, with extra padding to protect a folded bike inside.

From an engineering point of view I love the all-stainless steel, ball joint and quality Polyoxymethylene POM hitch construction. The wheels are easily removed by pressing a button at the center of the hubs, which releases a quick-lock mechanism.

They can be used in one of two positions: The hubs themselves are aluminum with industrial style sealed ball bearings on a steel axle, laced with stainless steel spokes into Brompton-size rims. This means a good selections of tires is available to suit any need and will match up nicely with whatever you are running on your Brompton.

Stable Cycling After giving the Chubby a look over, I decided to take it for a ride around town.

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Once rolling in cycling mode, it becomes apparent how well-mannered this trailer is. One might think it would introduce more rolling resistance, but this is hardly noticeable and I suspect this is due to the relatively light loads the trailer tires need to support.

Another big revelation was how easy it is to pack and unpack all the gear from a single hold-all style baffle bag. There is an inherent ease of having all your gear behind just the one zip and the amount of space is a dangerous luxury.

That said, I did take my Cyclone along for the weekend ride and this confirmed my suspicions about a trailer and Brompton being a perfect combination for touring.What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

By Sean. you need to define what YOUR idea of a perfect day is, not anyone elses. I challenge each of you to design and write down what your perfect day would look like, and share below! Look forward to reading them. SHARES. Share Tweet. While it’s critical to have a good logline so that you can concisely explain your film on paper, it works just as well verbally.

If you’ve ever tried to explain your entire feature film to. Can a Brompton folding bike and a trailer make the perfect combination for touring?

In this guest post for TravellingTwo, Stijn de Klerk checks out the performance of the Brompton with the Radical Design series of trailers.. A couple of years ago I decided life without a car made a lot of sense. The Verb Recognize a verb when you see one.

Verbs are a necessary component of all initiativeblog.com have two important functions: Some verbs put stalled subjects into motion while other verbs help to clarify the subjects in meaningful ways. The latest news in entertainment, pop culture, celebrity gossip, movies, music, books and tv reviews.

What is your idea of the perfect day off? Tell me in the comments. Cover Image Credit: Pexels. Keep Reading. Atlas Parker Atlas Parker I find it helpful to write down assignment due dates, test dates, etc in a calendar so you can always keep track of your time.

It's also helpful to to establish a study zone that fits your personality and.

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