Sta630 midterm solved papers

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Sta630 midterm solved papers

Accessing a non-existent variable, property, method, object, etc e. What is limitation of the friendship between classes? Friendship relation between classes is a one way relation that is if one class declare friend another class then the another class is the friend of first class but not the first class if the friend of another class.

For cin, the source is normally keyboard and the destination can be an ordinary variable i. Write the general syntax of allocation memory dynamically to an array using new operator? Page Following is the syntax: What is diffrent between pointer and variable?

What is difference between Unary and binary operators and how they can be Sta630 midterm solved papers How many types of templates? What will be the output of following function if we call this function by passing int 5?

Identify the errors in the following member operator function and also correct them. The area where we gather the numbers is known as buffer. Why binary search algorithm is efficient than linear search algorithm?

In binary search each iteration reduces the search by the factor of two but in the linear we have the same number of searches as we have the number of elements. Operator function ka syntax 3 marks 4 Question No.

Post increment and pre increment k syntax btana thay 2 marks Answer: What is language translator? Page 12 So we need a translator which translates the code of our program into machine language. There are two kinds of translators which are known as Interpreter and Compilers.

These translators translate our program which is written in C-Language into Machine language Question No. Write something something about testing in designing program? The programmer should design a test plan and use it to test the program. It is a good idea, when possible, to have someone else test the program.

The New is showing for creating more array space for the data which user enters. Can we make a binary operator as unary operator? This is a formatting functionality. For this, we have a manipulator that tells about width and number of decimal points of a number being printed.

Sta630 midterm solved papers

The data is manipulated by the programmers choice of displayed. And initialize all its locations with 0; Answer: This is because the types that templates act upon are known at compile time, so the compiler can perform type checking before errors occur.

Templates can be easier to understand, since they can provide a straightforward way of abstracting type information. It help in utilizing compiler optimizations to the extreme. Then of course there is room for misuse of the templates. On one hand they provide an excellent mechanism to create specific type-safe classes from a generic definition with little overhead.

On the other hand, if misused Templates can make code difficult to read and follow depending upon coding style. They can present seriously confusing syntactical problems esp.

Then, there are times, when templates can "excellently" produce nearly meaningless compiler errors thus requiring extra care to enforce syntactical and other design constraints.

A common mistake is the angle bracket problem. When we use new operator to create objects the memory space is allocated for the object and then its constructor is called. Similarly, when we use delete operator with our objects, the destructor is called for the object before deallocating the storage to the object.

In function overloading, the functions have the same name but differ either by the number of arguments or the type of the arguments.

Operator overloading is to allow the same operator to be bound to more than one implementation, depending on the types of the operands. In this code the matrix function is defined, it get the number of rows from the user and create the row of matrix and then get the columns from the user and create the columns.sta midterm and finalterm papers by mh raaz.

mid term Mth - Midterm Solved Mcqs and Quizes by, KB Mth - Midterm mcqs Mth - Midterm Mth - Midterm MTH Numerical Analysis Solved MCQ, Objective, Subjective. [PPT] Document Database Online Site Knowledge Cause And Abstract Objects Causal Objections To Platonism 1st Edition File Name: Knowledge Cause And Abstract Objects Causal Objections To Platonism 1st Edition.

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