Social networking questionnaire

History[ edit ] Before social networking sites exploded over the past decade, there were earlier forms of social network technologies that included: They created a backbone for the new modern sites. Since the start of these sites, there has always existed an issue of privacy. Ina young woman in New York City was on a first date with an online acquaintance and later sued for sexual harassment, after her date tried to play out some of the sexual fantasies they had discussed while online.

Social networking questionnaire

Social networking questionnaire

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Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class: A Questionnaire

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The Influence of Social Networking Sites to Interpersonal Relationships of the Students of Rogationist College High School Department S.Y. /5(2).

The world is experiencing a data revolution. As information technology is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, (internet, mobile phones, electronic modes of payments), tremendous amounts of information are being recorded and stored automatically. Questionnaire examples and sample templates.

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Social Networking Questionnaire The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain general information about any given individual and their social networking habits. All the results gathered from this questionnaire will be used solely for academic purposes and can be seen in a research paper about the Uses and Abuses of Social Networking.

A SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE SOCIAL NETWORKING: TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN MALAYSIA *(Instrument prepared by Supyan Hussin, ) Instruction: Please answer all questions. We highly appreciate it if you could 5/5(1).

Social networking questionnaire
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