In defense of torture

We can begin with necessity. There are many reasons to question whether a CIA interrogator could raise a necessity defense: Yoo is fully aware that Article 2 2 dooms the necessity defense if it has been incorporated into US law, so he simply argues that it has not been incorporated p. Given that Congress enacted 18 U.

In defense of torture

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window The 9mm Glock 17 made quite a splash when came to America in the s. Billed as the first handgun that was largely constructed of polymer, it instantly made news throughout the shooting world.

Pistols with aluminum frames were nothing new. They were, however, in the minority, having been for years continuously subjected to blistering attacks from traditionalists who decried any pistol without a steel frame. The general theme of the attacks was that only a steel In defense of torture could withstand the rigors of use over time.

Boxy and all business, the polymer-framed Glock 17 provoked outrage among traditionalists. They quickly said that in addition to being plastic, it was also ugly. Its magazine was large and easy to reload. No gun could be that good, I reasoned. No gun could be that tough, that easy to operate and that efficient.

Bush blasts CIA torture report even before its release — RT US News

So, inI finally decided to find out about this new pistol and embarked upon a torture test that was to unexpectedly last nearly 30 years. Down to the local gun shop I went, paying retail for a brand-new Glock 17 Gen2. Figuring that anyone could throw it out of a hovering helicopter at 1, feet onto an asphalt parking lot or freeze it in a solid block of ice and try to get it to fire, I eschewed such irrelevant machinations in favor of a more practical approach.

Throughout the test program, I would abuse the weapon but keep that abuse practical and realistic. First, I decided not to clean the gun until it would no longer function. Most pistols would last from to as many as 2, rounds before they became so dirty that they would no longer work. Then I would proceed from there and see what happened.

The First 10, My first surprise was that the gun went nearly 10, rounds without cleaning before any indication of sluggishness became apparent. In fact, though it was still working, the slide was finally visibly slow as it reciprocated. I felt guilty about it. Yet no other pistol I knew of would have gone anywhere near 10, rounds and still work.

Heck, only a few would go even 2, rounds before cleaning became necessary. All the while, I was vigorously dry-practicing holster presentations twice a day for an hour, resulting in what finally became many hundreds of thousands of repetitions.

Any other gun available at the time would have shown far more finish wear much more quickly. I did note that the left side of the front sight was beginning to round off somewhat. This was the product of many thousands of holster presentations. So, I took the opportunity to replace the factory sights with Trijicon three-dot tritium sights that remain on the gun to this day.

In defense of torture

However, the ones on my gun are still nice and visible in low light, even after nearly three times that long. The test gun digested a huge array of various 9mm ammo, including some Egyptian military FMJs that exhibited a variance in velocities and pressures of as much as 40 percent.

This resulted in a chipped extractor, which I replaced, although the weapon continued to function normally.

In defense of torture

In rain, snow, dust and extreme temperatures, the trusty 9mm continued to perform well with little wear and tear. During the course of the 29 years I tried to get my Glock 17 to fail, I had taught tactical handgunning to a number of U. When I returned, one of the team members obligingly donned scuba gear and retrieved it for me.

· Choose the Right Synonym for torture. Verb. afflict, try, torment, torture, rack mean to inflict on a person something that is hard to bear.

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afflict is a general term and applies to the causing of pain or suffering or of acute annoyance, embarrassment, or any distress. ills that afflict the elderly try suggests imposing something that strains the powers of endurance or of  · The Rear-Guard Defense of Torture Ray McGovern Posted on August 12, John Rizzo, the CIA’s former Acting Counsel General, is feeling the heat for his role in blessing what President Barack Obama has now admitted was “torture” during the Bush/Cheney /08/12/the-rear-guard-defense-of-torture.

President Trump on Friday said he would defer to Defense Secretary James Mattis's opposition to torture despite the president's own support for tactics like waterboarding.

The imminent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's so-called torture report will at last reveal details about the CIA's past use of enhanced interrogation techniques — which, according to George W. Bush, were performed by American “patriots.” In one section of the book (pp.

−), I briefly discuss the ethics of torture and collateral damage in times of war, arguing that collateral damage is worse than torture across the board. Rather than appreciate just how bad I think collateral damage is in ethical terms, some readers have mistakenly concluded that I take a cavalier  · Mexico's defense secretary formally apologized to the country for a video-recorded incident of torture involving two soldiers and a federal police

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