Hlf project business plan

A deliverable usually has a due date and is tangible, measurable and specific.

Hlf project business plan

Contents of the plan Collecting information and consultation Filling gaps — extra research, analysis and investigation for your project optional Information needed from consultant Attachments to the brief Use this model brief as a starting point and adapt it to your own circumstances.

Preparing the brief is part of the planning process in its own right. It will help you work out how detailed a plan should be and how much it might cost. It will help you to identify what skills are needed so you know who to approach to do the work.

It is a good idea to consult your major stakeholders about the brief as this involves them in the work at an early stage.

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Use the brief to tailor the plan to the needs of your organisation and your heritage asset. If you are thinking about a new project for example, you are applying for a Project Planning Grant or development fundingyou might need to commission other planning, design or development work as well as the conservation management plan.

It could make sense to ask the consultant who prepares the plan to also be involved in the project itself, as the information in the plan should be relevant to any new project. This brief includes optional sections on extra work 1. Please note that you should not use a conservation management plan to justify a particular project or ask the consultant to do so.

The plan is there to help you manage your site as a whole, whether or not any new project goes ahead. Use this brief for any type of heritage asset, whether it is a park or landscape, a collection or archive, a historic building, ship or monument, a historic townscape, habitat, archaeological site or industrial feature.

Some types of heritage have special requirements so we have provided a set of extra checklists for different types of heritage. They also give you some idea of the standard of information to expect in a good plan.

Blue text is guidance notes Background information You must provide the consultant with as much information as possible otherwise there is a risk that they will carry out work that has already been done. Introduction The purpose of this brief is to set out what the consultant needs to do when producing a conservation management plan for [name of site].

The aim of the plan is to help retain the significance of the heritage asset in any management, repair, alteration or new development projects. The purpose of the document is to inform and shape our: The project that this plan will shape is at: Ideally, you should ask your consultant to prepare a conservation management plan before you plan a new project.

In practice this does not always happen, so it is helpful if the consultant is aware of your proposals and how much work you have already done.

hlf project business plan

Only use it if you need some more detailed work in addition to a conservation management plan. We want to commission more work as well as the conservation management plan.

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The consultant is asked to do the following extra work in association with the project: Most of this work is not part of the plan for managing the asset, but may be needed to develop a project.

If a proper condition survey has not been carried out for the asset, this might be a priority. Your consultant may need to look at the wider context or setting of the asset although in less detail because management problems often result from things that happen outside the boundary of the asset.

Tell them where it is, what it is, who manages it and how it is used today. Then you need to explain why it is part of the heritage].

The asset is part of the heritage because it has been officially protected in whole or in part as: If you have a copy of the official document that explains why it is protected as part of the heritage please give it to the consultant.

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The asset is also important for: Describe any other ways in which the heritage might be important, and who it is important to. Contents of the plan The contents of the final written plan should be based on the guidance set out in Conservation Management Plans — A Guide. A list of contents is attached to this brief.

The plan should also meet the information requirements in the checklists for:and business plan annually each autumn, with particular reference to the targets set and to specific objectives, and will have adjusted HLF- sponsored project, on a basis sustainable after • The Cathedral will have increased the supporters of the Friends of Manchester Cathedral from Check out our coffee shop business plan sample to get a better idea of what investors are looking for in a business plan.

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hlf project business plan

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Client: Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust Dates: Budget: £ m Project: Llanthony Secunda Priory, Round 2 HLF application. I was commissioned by the Trustees of Llanthony Secunda Priory with CCN to research, develop and consult on an Activity Plan, Interpretation Strategy and Business and Marketing Plans for this £ million project in Gloucester which will conserve 6 listed structures.

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