Golf titleist 762 and the titleist

The A10's feel a little lighter club even though both companies claim the swingweight to be D2 on both sets. I also felt that the A10's had a little less offset, which I liked in the shorter irons. The A10's also have a thinner top line and a little bit longer face heel to toe.

Golf titleist 762 and the titleist

The bigger change is one you can't see. The previous AP2 irons had tungsten weights in the heel and toe to increase the stability of the irons and in the AP2 they are still there, but now there is more of the heavy stuff. In fact the AP2 irons have 56 grams of high density tungsten in the heads of the 3 to 7 irons that is co-forged into place.

In this process the head is forged and then the tungsten weights are added onto the frame of the head and then forged into place, so no screws or glue are used.

Aside from that the heads are the same shape and size as thewith a medium width top line, a touch of offset and a mid-sized profile. What the new head style and the extra tungsten does is to lower the Centre of Gravity CG so that it is closer to the impact point of the ball on the face.

On Trackman this shows up as a slight increase in the ball speed because you are getting more centre strikes.

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It also helps the accuracy thanks to the higher MOI from the heavier tungsten weights in the heel and toe. For me when Trackman measured the and AP2 6-irons in the same shaft, the carry distance was pretty much the same. The AP2 irons don't feel any heavier to swing, but you can feel the benefit of the weight being lower down as they do feel a little more solid than the If you are between the AP2 and AP1 then the big difference is the feel from the forged faces of the AP2, which give a lot more feedback and sound better too.

This continues through the set even though the 8 to PW do not have any tungsten in the heads.

Titleist DCI Iron Set | 2nd Swing Golf

I am sure if they had not stamped 'Tungsten' on the 7 iron upwards it would be very hard to tell anything was different. In the shorter irons the mass is greater lower down for the head size and the extra loft means it is better to have the sweet spot higher so that is their reason for leaving it out.

However the only exception to this would be at the other end where, like Zach Johnson, you could swap the AP2 4-iron for an AP1 version, which is not only more forgiving, but the feel is pretty similar even if the sound isn't. It's a set up I have been testing for this review and the extra yardage from the AP1 4-iron helps the gap to my hybrid, but looking at the larger offset takes a bit of getting used to.

The soles of the AP2 still have the pre-worn look and the trailing edge as a little camber on it to help it go easily through the turf and it is hard to spot much difference here from the Overall I think the AP2 is a step forward from and the lower CG point and extra stability is noticeable without compromising on the sound and feel.

As a forgiving better players forged iron, the AP2 is one of the models to beat in the market.The following iron specification information has been compiled from product brochures, golf magazines, and from inquiries to the manufacturers.

Super-Charged Distance, Ultimate Forgiveness. Big Bertha OS Hybrids are designed for super-charged distance and ultimate forgiveness, with a deeper body, larger .

Titleist’s latest attempt to muscle in on the Callaways and TaylorMades in the game-improvement iron category is with the Forged CB iron, which hit golf shops this spring. I had the chance to try a set to see how these new irons stack up against other irons for higher handicappers.

Titleist DCI 3 - PW set with steel stiff shafts. Two wedges 52 and 56 degrees available for an additional $ These irons have been in storage for 10 years and not been used. Also included is a Titleist fold out golf bag.

Titleist AP2 Forged Irons 5-PW; BV Spin Milled Satin Wedge Set and Golf Bag CONTENTS: 1-Titleist Touring Golf Bag in great condition Titleist AP2 Forged Irons 5-PW Titleist Spin Milled Satin Wedge Set 56, and 60 As you can see in the photograph's this whole set is in good shape. The Titleist DCI Irons feature a midsize cavity-back head with a woven graphite sheet in the cavity that reduces shock and creates a softer feel than traditional cavity backs.

Reviews Good Irons set.

Golf titleist 762 and the titleist
Titleist Golf Irons and Iron Sets | 2nd Swing Golf