Child care balanced scorecard

In its five-month study, the task force found: Child care was not affordable for many working families in the three counties. Many types of care were unavailable, and when care was available it was often inaccessible i.

Child care balanced scorecard

Which standards in the NQS relate to sleep and rest? It is a requirement that centres must provide appropriate quiet play activities for children who do not want to sleep or rest. Describe five 5 alternative activities. How would you maintain this?

How can you inform parents of clothing that we consider to be inappropriate or unsuitable for children to wear while attending the centre?

When children are playing or travelling outdoors you must ensure they are safe at all times. How would you explain sun safe to children using the most recent sun safe promotional campaign resources? As a child care worker you will be required to set up a variety of play environments for children.

List five checks you will perform when setting up an environment. Describe how you set up the equipment safely. Children must be supervised by ensuring all are in sight or hearing distance at all times. What are the ratios for supervising children in an Early Education and Care setting in your state?

What would be the process you would follow if you find that you have children with additional needs in your care i.

Balanced Scorecard

How would you ensure adequate supervision at all times? Describe how you can explain hazards in the environment to the children.

Briefly explain two strategies you can use to communicate the rules for safe play to the children in the group. Give an example of how you implement the rules for safe play. As a child care worker you will sometimes have to deal with children who are unwell.

Who is the first person you should inform if you suspect a child is sick.

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Identify the documentation that needs to be completed when a child in your care has been unwell. Name 5 infectious diseases that would cause the centre to exclude an ill child?

List three precautions you should take if you suspect the child is infectious. Write a brief description of what anaphylaxis is.Nerenz & Neil Performance Measures for Health Care Systems 4 development and refinement phase, and then was tested in a national demonstration project in It became part of NCQA’s health plan accreditation process shortly thereafter, and is Concepts of “balanced scorecard.

balanced scorecard and strategy map. Employers can use these tools to identify and evaluate the rela- tionships between maternal and child health outcomes and organizational performance.

Child care balanced scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic performance management framework that has been designed to help an organisation monitor its performance and manage the execution of its strategy. It is used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and.

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The article was fine until, and as always attempted to explicate issues on color — then it veered into black whites (no pun intended) that are far more gray than most conservatives care to venture. Child Day Care Services Business Plan.

Kid's Community College offers quality child care for children aged 4 months to 5 years. The child day care services business plan lists their objectives, which are to double first year sales by year 2, a high gross margin, a second campus by year 2, and commencing franchise efforts by year 3.

Example Maternal and Child Health Balanced Scorecard • Early entrance and timely utilization of preconception, prenatal, and well-child care; • Early detection and management of special health care needs and chronic diseases; and • Balancing standardization with personal health care needs.

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