Changes over the year

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Changes over the year

March 27, That star, of course, is the sun. While the sun's activity cycle has been tracked for about two and a half centuries, the use of space-based telescopes offers a new and unique perspective of our nearest star. In the new image, SOHO researchers pulled together 22 images of the sun, taken each spring over the course of a full solar cycle.

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When the sun is at its most active, strong magnetic fields show up as bright spots in the sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona; black sunspots appear as concentrations of magnetic fields reduce the sun's surface temperature during active periods as well.

Throughout the sun's magnetic cycles, the polarity of the sun's magnetic field gradually flips. This initial phase takes 11 years, and after another 11 years, the magnetic field's orientation returns to where it began.

Monitoring the entire year cycle provided significant data regarding the interaction between the sun's activity and Earth, improved space-weather forecasting capabilities and more, ESA officials said in the caption.

SOHO has revealed much about the sun itself, capturing "sunquakes," discovering waves traveling through the corona and collecting details about the charged particles it propels into space, called the the solar wind.

What does 'Year Over Year - YOY' mean

Original article on Space.Year-over-year is a comparison of a statistic for one period to the same period the previous year. The period is a month or quarter. The year-over-year growth rate calculates the percentage change during the past twelve months.

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BREAKING DOWN 'Year Over Year - YOY'

Despite improvements made over the past two decades, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) still overstates the annual rate of inflation by about percentage points, according to Brent Moulton, a In cell A3, you want to calculate the year over year percentage change.

The formula in cell A3 would look like this (Current - Previous)/Previous or =SUM(A2-A1)/A1.

Changes over the year

Instead of multiplying by to get the percent, use the "Format cell" option to choose percentage. Adding up the numbers for the years might give you a figure for the total number of mice that had lived there, but only if each mouse lives a year.

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If you want to reflect the intervening years, you can compute the average and variance of the number of mice. Climate Change: Global Temperature.


Author: Rebecca Lindsey and LuAnn Dahlman. blue and red bars show the difference above or below average for each year.

reliable method for monitoring changes in Earth's surface temperature over time. Read more about how the global surface temperature record is built in our Climate Data Primer.

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