Automated id system thesis

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Automated id system thesis

Figure shows two concentric CDAAs- -the outer one a high band array mc and the inner one a low band array mc. The location of each antenna with respect to the screen and to the adjacent antenna is so designed that, by use of a suitable antenna output scanning system, the antenna array provides high unidirectional gain in all directions of azimuth.

The CDAA system can also be connected to fixed-lobe-forming devices that provide fixed directional beams for receiving signals in any desired direction of azimuth.

Either a wide or narrow beamwidth can be obtained by proper selection of certain antennas in the array.

Automated id system thesis

These antennas would be located in the segment of the array which faces the direction of interest. The outputs from the fixed lobe devices can be used for communication receiving. The CDAA system has some signal gain characteristics which make it much more desirable than any other system used for direction finding.

These gain characteristics are particularly greater than those of previously designed systems for use in the h-f band.

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As was explained in chapter 7, the CDAA consists of a group of omnidirectional monopole antennas symmetrically spaced about the periphery of a circular reflector screen.

Most installations consist of a double ring array; one within the other. The outer ring consists of vertical elements for the 9 through 30 mc band and is feet in diameter. The inner ring consists of 40 vertical elements for the 2.

Each ring has its own reflector screen. The reflector screen serves to provide some degree of directivity to each individual antenna and to improve the gain characteristics. By electronically combining groups of Automated id system thesis elements, further directivity is obtained.

Each antenna element is connected to a multicoupler by coaxial cable. The output of the goniometer scanning device at any angular position is actually the output of a monopole array -the combination of several of the monopole elements- rather than the output of a single monopole element.

The resultant response will have a high forward gain considerably greater than one when compared to a monopole of the same dimensions as the individual antennas of the system. The output signal developed by Adcock antennas, however, is actually the difference in signals of two mono pole elements-- the vertical components of the antenna.

This means that the directional gain of an Adcock antenna is small much less than one when compared to a reference monopole of the same dimensions as the vertical elements.

Bearings may be obtained on incoming waves of much weaker strength and poorer quality when using the CDAA than when using Adcock antennas, thereby allowing DF bearings to be obtained on transmitters much more distant from the DF site. The block diagram of a CDAA system which could be used is shown in figure The system would serve all radio receiving needs at a particular site- within the frequency limitations imposed by the antenna elements.

The block diagram shows a system designed for use with two arrays, a low band and a high band. The operation of each band is identical except for the frequency range covered.

In the system shown in figureeach element of the array is connected to a multicoupler which has three outputs. Two of the outputs go to goniometers- the output scanning devices. The third output goes to fixed lobe boxes. The outputs of the fixed lobe boxes can be used for communication receiving.

The CDAA consists of two concentric circular arrays of vertical elements. These are; the net controlled or auto-tune position, the channel watcher position see figureand the manual goniometer position see figure A typical installation consists of two auto-tune positions, each covering the entire 2 to 30 megacycle band; two channel watcher positions, each covering the 2 to 30 megacycle band; and the manual goniometer position, with a high band equipment and a low band equipment.

The auto-tune position, which contains a receiver capable of remote rapid tuning on command, is the "workhorse" of the DF system. The channel-watcher position functions as a monitoring DF position with long term DF assignments and as an alternative net controlled position during peak loads.

The manual positions are equipped with manually tuned receivers and manually rotated goniometers. Because it is manually rotated, the goniometer rotational rate is very low permitting narrow bandwidths to be used on the receiver.

The primary use of the manual position is in a noisy signal and high interference environment where narrow receiver bandwidth can improve signal selection. The basic objectives are to provide increased accuracy, faster response of DF bearings, and greater capacity for obtaining fixes on target signals of interest.

To meet these objectives a system has been developed to provide fully automatic operation of the DF nets. Comprising this system are three so-called sub-systems, each performing a separate but related function. These three sub-systems are: The acquisition sub-system is comprised of acquisition positions located at any of the actual DF sites.Chapter I Review of Related Studies and Literature Computers nowadays are widely used in every transaction processes.

Computerizationmakes it easy for a company to do their internal and external transactions. Payroll and Financial monitoring system is one of the many transactions that are being worked on computer/5(14).

CHAPTER 6 Experience and Evaluation. Since , the REST architectural style has been used to guide the design and development of the architecture for the modern Web.

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