A review of the life and paintings of annibale carracci

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A review of the life and paintings of annibale carracci

The son of a butcher, Lodovico was the older cousin of the painters Annibale and Agostino Carracci. There, abouthe and his cousins founded the Accademia degli Incamminatian art school that became the most progressive and influential institution of its kind in Italy.

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Lodovico led this school for the next 20 years, during which time he and his cousins trained some of the leading Italian artists of the younger generation, notably Guido Reni and Domenichino. In his own paintings of religious subjects, Lodovico gave his figures strong gestures amid flickering plays of light in order to communicate a sense of mystery and passionate spiritual emotion.

The Madonna and Child with St. Joseph, and Donors is typical of his early work. Lodovico collaborated with his cousins on various fresco commissions, and, after the death of Annibale inhe remained active in Bologna, where he painted a succession of altarpieces in an increasingly grandiose and heavily mannered style until his own death in Learn More in these related Britannica articles:The Carracci was a family of Bolognese painters, the brothers Agostino () and Annibale () and their cousin Lodovico (), who were prominent figures at the end of the 16th century in the movement against the prevailing Mannerist artificiality of Italian painting.

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In fact, for more than two centuries (), Annibale Carracci's Farnese Ceiling was ranked alongside Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes and the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican, as one of the great masterpieces of painting. The decisive role of the Carracci in seventeenth-century art was as apparent to their contemporaries as it is now, in our own time.

Annibale Carracci ranks directly after Caravaggio as the most important Italian painter of the Baroque era. Our painting is certainly a work of a pupil of Annibale Carracci, perhaps Dominico Zampieri says Le Dominiquin (). There are indeed similarities in the colors but especially the head of Saint Anthony which is surprisingly close to that of a jesus on the cross of Zampieri.

SIDELIGHTS: Art historian Charles Dempsey has written a number of volumes, including his first, Annibale Carracci and the Beginnings of Baroque Style, which was updated and reprinted in Annibale Carracci (), his brother, Agostino (), and their cousin, Ludovico (), worked together to produce a number of frescos.

A review of the life and paintings of annibale carracci

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A review of the life and paintings of annibale carracci

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