701 interview questions

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701 interview questions

These questions will help you to crack SAP MM interviews, improve your performance and efficiency in job and build up a strong knowledge base and repository for future reference. It might seem insignificant, but it helps more than you might think.

How will you consider Sub Contracting PO components which are not sent by your company to vendor but they are added by the vendor sub contractor?

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Vendor adds nut-bolt, gaskets or some cooling device but you do not provided that material to vendor. How will you map such scenario. Does the consignment stock available for MRP?

How will you transport release strategy from Quality server to Production server? Will you transport it from one server to another? If price in Purchase Info Records is maintained as zero or not maintained for a certain period and we make a PO for the same period but price is populated in PO. Where does the price come 701 interview questions If there is a pipe and you send it to a sub-contractor to be cut in to two or three pieces.

How will you map such scenario in SAP? Will you create separate material codes for each pipe with different length or what will be your approach? If you want to make item OK check boix as default then what will you do?

701 interview questions

If you want to restrict a PO to create quantity not more than 5 units then what will you do? What will be your approach? Purchase group is assigned at to which organization element?

Plant or purchase org or company. Suppose we change the price of a material in Purchase Info Record, will it change the price in all Purchase orders where material is yet to deliver?

Suppose you purchase new Air filters and return the old damaged filters. This is a case of purchase and return simultaneously. Suppose you want to know how many views are created for a certain material or materials.

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Upto what extent we can increase the length of materials master short text. What is a blanket PO? In which business scenario you will recommend to use blanket PO? What is difference between Contract and scheduling agreement? What is special about one time vendor? What is the maximum length of materials master short text?

Is it possible to increase it? Same thing can be maintained differently at three places. Which report will you refer to know the material consumption at plant level? While posting GR there is a checkbox item OK.

701 interview questions

Is there any way to make it default? Will you do an enhancement in system? Which facility of SAP will you use if you want to maintain different moving price of a material based on its origin?

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